The Light Fantastic

by Sun Alive

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Debut album
[Originally released as: The Light Fantastic's "The Mayfield LP"]


released June 16, 2009

Written & Performed by Matt Pittman
Recorded* & Mixed by Matt Pittman
*Drums Engineered by Deedle LaCour
Mastered by Deedle LaCour
© 2009



all rights reserved


Sun Alive Dallas, Texas

Sun Alive (formerly “The Light Fantastic”) is a Dallas based rock band (featuring past members of Red Animal War & Doosu) with a new, self-titled album out now.

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Track Name: Blank Verses
Reversing my life seems so fulfilling.
But I will ride ahead with headlights gleaming.
By the time I get to the end, we will get to start over again and again.
These words you speak, do you stand by these words that you preach?
We are born to die unless we exceed our reach. But that has not happened yet.
So I continue to ignore this anonymous threat. It’s just life’s simple etiquette.
The blank verses, cause unfilled measures.
In vacant passages, here stands emptiness.
You’re enthralled I brought the night with me stars and all.
Let’s show these kids the dark side of life with the likes of Roald Dahl.
Now in the wake of this light, I see them now in my sights.
I thought I could control everything but I can not.
Now that it becomes clearer than your words it has gotten so hot.
Turn it down, down here. I will realize that it’s sincere.
It’s in my hands. Something you can’t possibly understand.
Track Name: The Thirteenth Month(less)
You have to be seriously kidding me.
This is the last time I will make up for your miss.
I fall short of being in no place in everything.
“Utopia” is explained with a phrase like this.
Conceive if we can restore order now
and tell me what you have for me to vow.
Speak to them of these beliefs that will be echoed (no where)
through the flesh of this world’s afterglow.
It’s too late.
The sky is falling. Turns out I’m rising
towards the unknown past of my life’s story.
Now that I’m actually here, I need to leave, I’m close to fear,
and follow the path that is set in front of me.
Everything has always seemed a little off.
Track Name: Beneficiary
Look in my eyes see my imperfection once again.
Here comes the tide of your source that could have been.
Second hand turning while I will call you on your raise.
Our bridges are burning as you let that match burn for days.
You’re using my faith to play your own damn games.
Well, I will not have that.
I’m going back to where I would be at now.
You ask me how.
Tried by my peers. Reality, show me there.
Euphoric fears of taking over and breathing all of my air.
When the dust settles I’m the only one standing here.
A blank label is what they put on my back for years.
Assignment of blame. I called you up the next day,
but you were not there and I should have waited for you say.
And you will say: “Goodbye.”
Track Name: All in a Day
It’s a mourning morning, thinking of everything but you.
“All will be well in time” she said. I’ll sit right here waiting for the cue.
Here is everything that you would want to hear, but I will take your invite.
Hear everything that is remaining here.
It’s less than a blue noon and after. I’m watching her like she is going to change.
And I know you would like to feel like someone’s appeal. That you have all in a day.
I keep waiting for this day to surrender.
I’ve held on too long to what kind times were.
I see a modest light in sunless display.
We need to bring back life in forgotten ways.
So that it’s right with that this time.
Make sure we were right.
It was so right with that, that time.
Late in the day and I’m after the thought of cleverness and its effect on you.
And how is that working out for me? I now have the means to follow through.
Track Name: 30/09/01
I’ll tell you now that you’re older
because the way you look at me with your cheek to your shoulder.
You look so right in that colorless shirt
and you have been my choice in all my words.
So just sit back and let me explain and I’ll try to make sense.
This time you have changed me and I look forward to you.
I love this feeling and you can feel it too.
Lessons of dance in the fake rain is when she said “my love, you’ve gained.”
Teach me to stay and learn this change. We were so perfect yesterday.
Let me give you the world and everything you have touched
to make this world worth giving to you. And this will get me through.
This time you have changed me and I look forward to you.
I love this feeling and so do you.
I look forward to someday telling you that you look so beautiful wearing all white.
Track Name: You're Missing London & I'm Missing You
Make a holiday in the lights.
We would be the summary of our sights
with that sterling red glare in the glass.
In your eyes I see the night of the crashed car in ‘his’ sight
and we would forget the crashed promises of our past.
Waiting for hours; soon to be close.
Time has gotten on the wrong side
and is giving me the wrong dose.
I’ve tried now to hold on; I’ve let go too soon.
I’ll wait to abide in the designated room.
It’s all about the progress; the timings all wrong.
You’re slowing it down to the speed of a new song.
Now that the bridges of London are down,
the only thing that I get from this end is sound.
The best part is we would never come back.
Something takes us off track except that side of you
that would be with me and this ground I lag across now
and to continue.
Seizing one star for every time
I think of the passing you spent by my side:
The blank sky has never looked so living end.
Through my eyes you will see the light
and hear the rhythm of all in my mind
and be the recipient of what it will send.
You’re on my side, so listen to me.
Please tell me now what you see.
It’s static.
The best part is we would never come back.
Something takes us off track except that side of me
that would be with you and this hollowed out tunnel
that would be noise free.
Track Name: ...And Eventually
A terrible accident that you can handle.
“Didn’t you tell me she asked for it?”
I will be sick of all you will be saying
and here is to all those times that you were sedated.
So what you’ve explained or so it seems,
is that this time is different because we sewed up the seams.
“So what time have you got? I’ve got to go meet my wife around the block.
Let’s finish this charade later on in time.”
He walks down on the street feeling life’s complete.
He smells it in the air, his weathered friend’s despair.
And eventually he will learn this irony,
because when the flood gates open his friends words would have spoken.
This terrible accident I can’t ignore.
You’re not answering as I arrive back at the door.
This troubled man that I’ve kept waiting is gone and now I am conveying.
I picked it up: “Is something wrong?”
She started screaming: “My baby is gone.”
So I look back in regret: I should have stayed and found out why this is what I get.
Instinct disguised as a man. Buy why?
And eventually his lack of irony will leave him drenched and broken.
He stands now on his knees, panting in disbelief.
The stench now in the air leaves things he can’t repair.
And eventually his wife and he start clean…eventually.
Track Name: Building
Room painted with change. Not the right color, wash it away.
Paint the room jet black. Now I guess I’m turning back.
I really want to know what happened to it all.
My pen is down and I’m putting down the first brick to my first wall.
It just hasn’t been my day. Note to self: It’s OK.
Tomorrow I’ll try on a perfect one. The level is setting for me some.
Your glass just slipped right through my hands today.
That glass filled with all of our change, but we don’t break.
I’ll try to figure out this one by myself. It will get done.
You will do it all better because I just gave you it all.
Looks like I just trapped myself in the corner of my four walls.
Or maybe I’m not…maybe I just built it up and fought to bring it down
and it will come down.
Track Name: The Primroses are Over
With one hand fleeting upward to keep me sane,
the other has started to block this sun-rain.
I’m willing to wait this one out because something tells me that this is concrete,
but god that sun is pouring down on this new formed cracked concrete.
The primroses are over and I blame you.
Now that it’s colder to hold her my confusion’s renewed.
It only seems right to tell you when I need it too.
You seem to perceive the wrong take on me and I you.
Bridge may ice in cold weather and it’s getting there.
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.
These must lies; I must be blind because I swear that I’ve gone much further.
Black swirl of clouds in my rear-view mirror, though the windshield is as clear as when I’m near her.
There is a sad violin sounding over me until the strings all break in harmony.
The primroses are over and I’ll tell you:
Let’s start from chapter one, page one; to start anew.
This sudden angst has got me visualizing no magic hour this will turn into.
You seem to perceive the wrong take on me and I you.
Track Name: Boston Perfection
I’m under no obligation to save the world.
You can leave anytime that you feel.
This is old tracks of time that have been put on repeat.
I can see right through the streets.
I have the ball you envy; you have the chain that sounds.
Let’s trade, because I would rather be locked up than weighed down.
We will set it in stone and break the walls they own.
Let’s give it a second try because we fall below sometimes.
I took the long way home about as long as that song
I always listen to when you tell me I’m wrong,
But this time the verse meant something else, (it’s taking so long)
I’ve always listened to it wrong.
I strive everyday that I think that you think:
There is something about him that will change when we meet
And the second time we meet. Beloved elite.
Please tell me why I had to be there on that day of sufficient ties.
Let's give it a single try straight up the sky.
One thousand goodbyes.